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Speedy Metals Online Industrial Metal Supply


At Speedy Metals, we pride ourselves on our customer service, the quality of our products, and the fairness of our prices, not to mention on being Speedy! But don't just take our word for it:


  • Having tried quite a few suppliers, both local and online, it was obvious I should rely on Speedy Metals for my materials. No other supplier has consistently furnished accurately cut, bend and scratch free blanks (the 3 most important things in my application) Prices are actually better than from local suppliers and delivery time from order to my door is usually the best I have experienced.

  • Whether I'm buying a lot or a little, I always get 'just-what-I-need'. Speedy carries so many odd sizes that other steel suppliers can only special order; whereas at Speedy, if I only want 4pc. @ 4ft - no problem - you'll have it in a day or so.


  • WOW! I just placed this order a few hours ago! I guess that’s why you’re called Speedy Metals.
    Eric, FL

  • This is just a short note of thanks and recognition. I’ve been buying stuff from you all now for a couple of years. My orders are always correct, packed well, arrive in good shape and usually, ahead of schedule.It’s not easy to run a business where exceeding the customer’s expectations are the norm rather than the exception.Congratulations on a very well-run operation.

  • I only dabble in garden tractor restoration so I was looking for a 1 stop place to order smaller quantities of specific metal. Figured I'd give you guys a shot. I knew I would pay a little more due to shipping, but finding exactly what I need and not needing to buy the whole bar was the plus. What I didn't expect was the quality way it was shipped. I expected to see a banged up pair of barely wrapped tubes and some bent sheet steel. What I got "shocked me". The plate was sandwiched between 2 pieces of chipboard and then thoroughly wrapped with tape. The tubing and small plates were wrapped together tightly on each end, then wrapped in cardboard, and then wrapped again on the ends with extra padding. In my book, if you beat the "Samsonite Gorilla" known as UPS, you have gone the extra mile. You will be my go to guys in the future and I will recommend you to anyone that needs metal supplies. Thanks for providing outstanding service and quality. The price was well worth it.
    Dan, MN

  • I never heard of Speedy Metals or of New Berlin, Wisconsin so I assume you're in the boonies. I'm in Leesburg, Indiana and that is certainly the boonies. Yesterday just before 5:00 I ordered material that I simply couldn't find locally. In fact, everywhere I went locally was greeted with a "HARRUMPH! GOOD LUCK FINDING THAT!" I searched the internet, found Speedy and placed the order. CRIPE! it was delivered a half hour ago! That's excellent customer focus. Boonie to boonie, door to door service in less than 24 hours on a product utterly unavailable locally. And it's here already. Thanks Speedy!

  • I have been ordering from you folks for the past few months and with my last order (which) just arrived today. You live up to your name. My order was processed and shipped so quickly I had to read the email twice.

  • I like that fact that I can buy smaller units of sheet metal from you which are easy to handle for the small projects. Packaging was great. I'm still using the packing to keep all my metal safe! All in all, I've had a great experience!

  • Speedy Metals has always given me good raw material for a good price, and super fast shipping.


  • As a fact, I live around a 5 minute walk from a large metals supplier, and it is still better for me to buy metals (including delivery charges) from Speedy Metals in Wisconsin than from a local supplier - due to local state and city sales taxes and metal supplier cutting charges - plus a very limited variety of brass and bronze profiles.

  • Just wanted to say thanks!Your service is impeccable and your prices are great too!Keep up the good work!!!!

Customer Service:

  • Thank you so much for the precision and speed of your service. This is our second order from Speedy Metals and we continue to be very pleased with the service. You are terrific. Thanks.
    Jan, Baltimore, MD

  • I'm not one of your "big" customers but I do find that you are the source to go to when the local hardware store comes up with blank stares when you would ask for a weldable Aluminum to repair something. Your website is simple enough for even somebody like me to find my way around, everything I have ordered has arrived in less time than I could drive to Wisconsin, and I have never received material in other than perfect condition when it hit my front door.Keep up the good work, your number one in my book when it comes to price, selection, and delivery. In fact your prices with shipping, beat the local competition around here, 99% of the time.

  • Just wanted to let you know that I just got my latest order and say thank you! I am a hobby-type machinist so my orders are relatively small, but I feel like I am treated like some major corporate account! Your selection and pricing is fantastic, but your shipping is unbelievably fast. Thank you again and keep up the great work.

  • Thank you for 1) Having an easy to use website, 2) being so cheerful, 3) being so speedy!

  • I'm just a hobby builder but if it were not for you I couldn't do the projects I do. I live in northern Wisconsin, and can't get materials easy up here but you have always made it easy for family and friends to stop and bring my orders up to me. Plus the people that you have working for you are awesome friendly and bend over backward to help every time.


  • Your web site is probably the best web site that I have ever visited for this type of online products as far as describing your products and being able choose to order online. It is very organized.I enjoy coming back and looking around for various pieces and dimensions.I enjoy the iformation about each type of metal.The selections and types of cuts are great.You put some thought and care in the design.You are doing an excellent job.I am really pleased.
    Nikolaos, Jacksonville, FL

  • Congratulations on your website. It is easy to use and provides all the information needed! Great Job!
    Rich, TX

  • Just a "thumbs up" message. I just placed my first order with Speedy Metals and I wanted to tell you that I loved your web-page. It is by far the best web-page that I have ever used. Unlike most web-pages, I could easily find all the information that I was looking for such as material, shape, complete dimensions, prices, shipping costs, how to purchase, and more. I was able to order exactly what I wanted without using a single cuss word. Keep up the good work...I will be back.

  • I am a new customer and I wanted to take the time to thank you for the truly outstanding web site. The ordering system is intuitive and a pleasure. This is very rare in internet retailing. I will be back to buy more from this business!

  • Ordered product on 01/22/2013, received it on 01/23/2013, great job.I like the Website, it's easy to access and use, for browsing to see what is available, and to purchase. Nice place to do business with.

  • Just wanted to let you know that your web site was a pleasure to use, with ease and finding exactly what I was looking for.Thank you
    Linda, NY

  • First of all Merry Christmas, second, I thought that in the spirit of the season and since your product has given me so much enjoyment that the least I could do is show some documented appreciation.I am a retired educator, I taught remote sensing and satellite image interpretation at the University of Nebraska. One of my duties was to write “lesson plans” for my own, and other instructor’s classes. I am also a novice machinist, having constructed a forge, purchased a mill and lathe, and happily alarm my neighbors pounding on various anvils with all sorts of homemade hammers making knives, straight razors, and muzzle loading rifle hardware.This brings me to my first point. I have spent hours on your web page learning about steel and the other non-ferrous metals. The information there is written in plain language, it provides a start to finish methodology to transform the materials you sell into functional workable instruments. The entire informational content on the characteristics of the specific metals is straightforward, logically presented, and incrementally separated as to the processes used for the treatments needed to refine and “tune” the metals. Whoever created this searchable structure to implement the change from metallurgical information to “tool” knowledge need a great big raise.Second, I have ordered numerous products from you. Never once has an order not contained exactly what I requested. Never once has a price been misrepresented, or not reflected in the order bottom line. Never once has something in the process of procuring your product has an order been delayed, substituted, or backordered. Competence is rare throughout the business world (or academia), kudos.Lastly, let me tell you what a refreshing change it is to enjoy my retirement not spending many wasted hours trying to find the specific materials I require; searching junkyards, metal fabrication facilities, and speaking with people who more than likely do not know what they are selling to you, or worse, selling you something that is not to spec, not to mention something you paid an exorbitant price for.I am becoming a minimally competent blacksmith; I am learning to become a functional machinist; and my knowledge of the tools and metallurgical properties is progressing. An indisputable fact is that everything you attempt to produce is no better than the place you start. With your company, and what you provide, the variables of my hobby are reduced - I start in the right place, I waste no time.Thank you Speedy Metals, and God Bless.
    Michael, NE