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All items with these criteria are: Material=Steel, Thickness=Select Convert(Int, Thickness) TheField, Count(DISTINCT Product.ProductID) TheCount FROM Product with (NOLOCK) INNER JOIN ProductVariant with (NOLOCK) On Product.ProductID = ProductVariant.ProductID WHERE Shape='Channel' and Finish='Hot Rolled' And Convert(Int, Thickness) Is Not NULL GROUP BY Convert(Int, Thickness) ORDER BY Convert(Int, Thickness), Grade=A-36, Condition=Other


Custom Lengths12"18"24"36"48"60"72"



1" {A} x .500" {B} x 0.125" {C} Channel, A-36 Hot Rolled SteelChannelA-361"1/2"0.125"

1-1/4" {A} x .500" {B} x 0.125" {C} Channel, A-36 Hot Rolled SteelChannelA-361.250"1/2"0.125"

1-1/2" {A} x .500" {B} x 0.125" {C} Channel, A-36 Hot Rolled SteelChannelA-361.500"1/2"0.125"

2" {A} x 1" {B} x 0.125" {C} Channel, A-36 Hot Rolled SteelChannelA-362"1"0.125"
2" {A} x 1" {B} x 0.188" {C} Channel, A-36 Hot Rolled SteelChannelA-362"1"0.188"

3" {A} x 1.410" {B} x 0.170" {C} Channel, 4.1lb/ft A-36 Hot Rolled SteelChannelA-363"1.41"0.170"
3" {A} x 1.498" {B} x 0.258" {C} Channel, 5lb/ft A-36 Hot Rolled SteelChannelA-363"1.498"0.258"
3" {A} x 1.938" {B} x 0.312" {C} Channel, 7.1lb/ft A-36 Hot Rolled SteelChannelA-363"1.938"0.312"
3" {A} x 1.596" {B} x 0.356" {C} Channel, 6lb/ft A-36 Hot Rolled SteelChannelA-363"1.596"0.356"

4" {A} x 1.584" {B} x 0.184" {C} Channel, 5.4lb/ft A-36 Hot Rolled SteelChannelA-364"1.584"0.184"
4" {A} x 1.721" {B} x 0.321" {C} Channel, 7.25lb/ft A-36 Hot Rolled SteelChannelA-364"1.721"0.321"

5" {A} x 1.750" {B} x 0.190" {C} Channel, 6.7lb/ft A-36 Hot Rolled SteelChannelA-365"1-3/4"0.190"
5" {A} x 1.885" {B} x 0.325" {C} Channel, 9lb/ft A-36 Hot Rolled SteelChannelA-365"1.885"0.325"

6" {A} x 1.920" {B} x 0.200" {C} Channel, 8.2lb/ft A-36 Hot Rolled SteelChannelA-366"1.92"0.200"
6" {A} x 2.497" {B} x 0.310" {C} Channel, 12lb/ft A-36 Hot Rolled SteelChannelA-366"2.497"0.310"
6" {A} x 2.034" {B} x 0.314" {C} Channel, 10.5lb/ft A-36 Hot Rolled SteelChannelA-366"2.034"0.314"
6" {A} x 3.500" {B} x 0.340" {C} Channel, 15.3lb/ft A-36 Hot Rolled SteelChannelA-366"3-1/2"0.340"
6" {A} x 3.504" {B} x 0.379" {C} Channel, 18lb/ft A-36 Hot Rolled SteelChannelA-366"3.504"0.379"
6" {A} x 2.157" {B} x 0.437" {C} Channel, 13lb/ft A-36 Hot Rolled SteelChannelA-366"2.157"0.437"

8" {A} x 1.875" {B} x 0.180" {C} Channel, 8.5lb/ft A-36 Hot Rolled SteelChannelA-368"1-7/8"0.180"
8" {A} x 2.260" {B} x 0.220" {C} Channel, 11.5lb/ft A-36 Hot Rolled SteelChannelA-368"2.26"0.220"
8" {A} x 2.343" {B} x 0.303" {C} Channel, 13.75lb/ft A-36 Hot Rolled SteelChannelA-368"2.343"0.303"
8" {A} x 2.978" {B} x 0.353" {C} Channel, 18.7lb/ft A-36 Hot Rolled SteelChannelA-368"2.978"0.353"
8" {A} x 2.527" {B} x 0.487" {C} Channel, 18.75lb/ft A-36 Hot Rolled SteelChannelA-368"2.527"0.487"

9" {A} x 2.485" {B} x 0.285" {C} Channel, 15lb/ft A-36 Hot Rolled SteelChannelA-369"2.485"0.285"

10" {A} x 2.600" {B} x 0.240" {C} Channel, 15.3lb/ft A-36 Hot Rolled SteelChannelA-3610"2.6"0.240"
10" {A} x 2.886" {B} x 0.526" {C} Channel, 25lb/ftA-36 Hot Rolled SteelChannelA-3610"2.886"0.526"
10" {A} x 4.321" {B} x 0.796" {C} Channel, 41.1 lb/ft A-36 Hot Rolled SteelChannelA-3610"4.321"0.796"

15" {A} x 3.400" {B} x 0.400" {C} Channel, 33.9lb/ft A-36 Hot Rolled SteelChannelA-3615"3.4"0.400"

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WARNING: These products can potentially expose you to chemicals including Nickel, Chromium, Lead, Cobalt, Mercury and Beryllium, which are known to the state of California to cause cancer and/or birth defects or other reproductive harm. For more information, visit