Carbon Steel Diamond Plate

Also referred to as floor or tread plate, diamond plate is distinguished by a raised, evenly dispersed angular pattern embossed onto the surface of steel sheet or plate. These pattern lugs allow for self draining and is easily cleaned. Diamond plate is an economical alternative for solid floors where skid resistance is required. Its raised lug 4 way pattern is designed to resist skidding and slipping in any direction and makes possible safer and faster movement of people and materials. Diamond plate is rolled from open hearth steel and will not burn, warp, splinter or chip. Patterns are continuous on full plates in any direction subsequent plates are joined. This benefit, however, is lost once full plates are sheared to less than full plate size requirements.


Carbon Steel Diamond Plate conforms to ASTM A786


Diamond plates are not normally used as main stress-carrying members and are seldom specified to tensile requirement. However approximate properties are shown. The above values are average and may be considered as representative of Carbon Steel Diamond Plate


The attractive appearance of Carbon Steel Diamond Plate makes it a popular choice for truck beds, open components and stairways. Used extensively for decks, catwalks, trench covers, platforms, running board steps, dock boards, truck compartment and tool storage boxes, conveyors, floors, etc


Can be machined and drilled readily, although generally not considered as free machining. Average cutting speed : 120 ft/minute.

Diamond plate can be readily cold formed using conventional equipment and good shop practices.

Easily welded by all welding operations, although mainly intended for fusion welding. The resultant welds are of extremely good quality, as typical of low carbon steels.


Tolerance is measured by the thickness of the plate, not the raised lug height.

14 ga (.0747') + / - .014"
1/8 (.125") + / - .015"
3/16 (.1875") + / - .017"

CAMBER - Standard hot roll diamond plate tolerance is 3/8" in any 60"

Manufactured to the general requirements of ASTM A786 / A786M


14ga (.075") Steel Diamond Plat 1/8" Steel Diamond Plat 3/16" Steel Diamond Plat