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304/304L Stainless Steel Round Pipe

Typical Applications

304/304L is used almost exclusively for parts requiring machining, welding, grinding, or polishing where good corrosion resistance is also required. It is a good general all-purpose stainless grade. Good in corrosive environments as in paper and chemical industries and cryogenic services. Used where corrosion resistance and good mechanical properties are primary requirements. 304/304L is widely accepted in such industries as dairy, beverage, and other food industries where the highest degree of sanitation and cleanliness is of prime importance. Parts for handling acetic, nitric, and citric acids, organic and inorganic chemicals, dyestuffs, crude and refined oils, etc., are fabricated from this material. Because of its lack of magnetism it is highly desirable for instruments. It is also widely used for architectural trim. 304/304L is used in applications where corrosion resistance is required, but elevated temperatures are not involved. 304/304L finds particular use in applications requiring welding. 304/304L has good drawing, forming, and stamping properties.


Pipe SizeO.D. (in) Wall (in) Pipe Size O.D. (in) Wall (in)
1/4.540.088 2-1/22.875.203
3/8.675.091 33.500.216
1/2.840.109 3-1/24.000.226
3/41.050.113 44.500.237
11.315.133 55.563.258
1-1/41.660.140 66.625.280
1-1/21.900.145 88.625.322
22.375.154 10 10.750.365

Grade: 304

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